How I Work

Every relationship is different and therefore it is good to get an idea of how ours might work.

My intention in a counselling relationship is to provide a warm, empathic environment in which we can establish a safe space in which to explore issues that are preventing us from leading a more fulfilling life.

My private room I bring to my work a great deal of life experience and seek to meet my clients with warmth and compassion borne out of my own extensive therapeutic experience, working from a peaceful and confidential room in my own home.

As a qualified counsellor, my orientation being predominantly humanistic, I offer my clients the opportunity to experience a relationship which provides support and encouragement whilst exploring ways to facilitate psychological health and growth.

I can help with bereavement counselling     I can help with stress management     I can help you address YOUR issues     I can help with family issues

Get advice from The BACP about choosing a counsellor.